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Scourst Smoked Salmon Selection Box

A perfect selection box to provide a feast at your festive gatherings, with our full range of salmon products and some complimentary treats to bring out their distinct flavours.

As you enjoy these delights, imagine that you are rehydrating and fuelling up in the Scourst fishing hut, in front of the peat fire, after a busy morning salmon and sea trout fishing on the famous Loch Scourst!  And just imagine what the rest of the day has in store for you...

100 g Original Cold Smoked Salmon

100 g Maple Roast Smoked Salmon

100 g Whisky Infused Smoked Salmon

100 g Laird's Fillet of Cold Smoked Salmon

180 g tub of Salmon Pate

180 g tub of Smoked Salmon Flakes

2 x 125 g Stag Stornoway Seaweed Oatcakes

Bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne

£80.00 each

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