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20 Dec 2013

NEWSLETTER. Winter 2013/4

 Much effort is committed to ensure that all guests enjoy a memorable visit and wish to return.  And so returning guests may be one measure of our achievement.


Our bookings for next season are already well under way with a high proportion of returning guests.


Another measurement may be that of development employment opportunities and it is satisfying to be making progress in this area.


Of special note is the growth of our food products.  Cristina leads this development on a rapidly expanding path with the ACE label becoming a familiar sight.


Of course we do not really have problems, just challenges.


Our dedicated staff prove that with fortitude and resilience, dogged determination can overcome difficulties.  A team, pulling together gets results.


Some think Amhuinnsuidhe is a hotel, some call it a family home, some call it a sporting lodge.


But we know what it is, it is a haunted castle where anything can happen.  The electricity can fail, fire alarm goes off and occasionally we may have a complaint, but normally everything goes like clockwork.


Some guests may expect room service, some may wish to be served their drinks, some arrive expecting to dine at seperate tables, some find the quietness disturbing and some to not appreciate a  visit from Lady Sophie or Marie Rose.


Long may we be a venue with a difference.


Our first guests for 2014 are soon here. 

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