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1 Apr 2013

Amhuinnsuidhe Venison

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate are delighted to be able to offer our own venison to the local market. With the arrival of our new deer larder, we can now prepare cuts of the estate venison, vacuum packaged and labelled for sale in local outlets. We also work closely with a local butcher, MacLeod & MacLeod (creators of the Original Stornoway Black Pudding) to create venison sausages and burgers). The 2012 stag season and 2012/13 season for hinds have proven that venison is extremely popular, and it would appear there is a great demand for this local produce. Given the recent worry around the source and contents of some meat products, we couldn't offer a more reassuring or wholesome meat.

Venison is classed by some as a 'superfood', an excellent source of protein, full of B vitamins, iron and zinc and very low levels of saturated fat. Our venison is rich and flavoursome, and is guaranteed to be from happy beasts. In North Harris, red deer roam freely in the hills and glens. They live a stress free, natural existence, amongst mountain hares and red grouse, feasting on the purple heather that carpets our hillsides and drinking from the purest mountain streams.

Watch this space for updates on venison availability, outlets and prices as the stag season approaches in July.


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