Beat & Pool Guide

The quality of the salmon and sea trout fishing on the Amhuinnsuidhe Estate is unsurpassed. The name Amhuinnsuidhe (pronounced 'aven-suey') is the Gaelic for 'sitting by the river' and indeed one of the salmon and sea trout systems enters the sea next to the Castle. There are 10 fresh water loch and river systems all in remote and beautiful surroundings yet most are accessible by vehicle or on foot. During your day out you are likely to observe golden eagles, white tailed eagles and deer.

Our fishing beats can be viewed on the interactive map which will also provide you with some information about the individual systems.

1. Ladies Loch & Castle River System

As well as Ladies Loch there is Douglas pool and the Castle river consisting of three main pools. Please do not over fish them.

The Sea Pool should not be fished for more than half an hour either side of high tide. To reduce the risk of foul hooking fish it is recommended that a floating line be used with a single hook muddler fly, fished close to the surface. The sea run is normally fished for half an hour before breakfast and after dinner in order not scare off fish waiting to ascend the river.


2. Loch Halladale

Regarded as a dour loch but can be great fun. In 1989 the second largest salmon to be caught on the estate was taken from Halladale weighing in at 17 ½ lbs. Take the road from the castle towards Hushinish and drive for about 1 mile. Park at the white post and then walk 400 yards to your left towards the loch. The loch can be fished in most conditions and yields both salmon and sea trout. There is 1 boat.


3. Loch Ghlinne

Predominantly fishes sea trout but of a good size. There is one boat on this loch. It is a large body of water therefore the fish seem to be fairly well dispersed. However there are three main areas where fish are caught; at the mouth and head of the loch and around the island. To reach the loch travel by car to Loch Leosaid then walk 3 miles on a well-defined footpath with a steep descent to Ghlinne. Good walking and wonderful views.


4. Loch Scourst

Scourst is the first major loch that you drive past on the Meavaig track to Voshimid. It has a large boathouse and the loch is easily accessible with the track running beneath its banks. It is a good salmon and sea trout loch and is especially known for its large sea trout. It is smaller than Voshimid and for this reason it has only one boat. It can be fished in all conditions including a gale from the bank. The North shore fishes well from the bank.


5. Loch & River Voshimid

Is situated at the end of the Meavaig track. One of the most productive salmon and sea trout lochs in Europe. It is easily accesible with vehicle access to within 100 yards. There are two boats available to use for fishing therefore it is possible for 4 rods to fish. The loch is fishable under most conditions except a gale. Fishes best with a SW wind and broken cloud. Vehicle access to Loch Voshimid, or boat to north end of the loch and then down river some 2.5 miles to the sea. Very rough walking with no path and only fishable with good water conditions. The river can take two rods and can be
great fun.


6. Weedy Loch

Weedy is located just above Voshimid. It is a relatively small loch but in the right conditions can be very productive. The loch has one boat available for fishing for two rods. Prolific numbers of fish are at the mouth and the head of the loch and is fishable in most conditions. Preferred wind is a south westerly. Fish also tend to congregate in the pool beneath the dam; this can lead to some very productive fishing.


7. Loch Ulladale

A great favourite and one of the most stunning places in the world! It can be good for both salmon and sea trout. It has one boat to fish from and therefore can accommodate 2 rods. Requires a short car trip to the dam at Loch Chilostair and then a 3 mile walk on a well-defined footpath, with a steep descent into Loch Ulladale.


8. Mug's Pool & Reedy Loch

Mug's pool is on the river Ulladale at the head of a large pool or lochan. Fish lie here and under good conditions (high water) can be a virtual certainty. For 1 rod.

Reedy is a small lochan about 200 yards above Mug's. There is a small boat suitable for 1 rod. To get to Mug's and Reedy, drive to Voshimid and walk over the ridge to the left of Voshimid and down the next glen. It is about 3 miles walk over rough terrain with hillocks, a steep descent and no recognised path.


9. Brunaval

Brunaval is a sea trout loch. Access to this loch requires a long walk of about six miles to a remote area and there is no recognised path. A good degree of fitness is required as fishing is from the shore and for only 1 rod.


10. Loch Langavat

Located at the head of the Halladale system is a small loch were fish run up later in the season. It is good for 2 or 3 hours fishing. There is 1 boat for 2 rods. Also fishes well from the shore.

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